“Taking an image, freezing a moment,

reveals how rich reality truly is.”

Hey! I'm Sarah.

I'm a photographer and digital marketer born and raised out of Ottawa, Canada. I started social media and photography at a very young age, with the goal of becoming a famous Youtuber - but you can probably guess how that turned out!

I love photography because it allows me to capture moments and have them live on forever digitally or printed. Whether it's a wild editorial shoot, a wedding or a business branding session, I'm very passionate about getting my clients the content that they dream of.

I've been doing digital marketing on social media forever, I just never thought of it as something that I could offer as an official service until recently! Ever since 2016, I've been doing little social media jobs here and there just to make some extra coffee money (I went to Tim Hortons ever day in high school. It added up). The idea came to me to pursue this on another level during the Covid-19 pandemic, when I noticed how some businesses were thriving and others - well, we know. Since then, I've grown a new motivation to help small businesses reach their full potential digitally through higher quality images, graphics, and other resources like models/influencers from Illuma Management.

Sarah portrait smiling

Let's get personal.

I always love getting to know new clients and hearing what they're passionate about - I also love having them get to know me!

Who says fun facts can't be professional?

  • The amount of coffee I drink on a daily basis is ridiculous!
  • I have an Australian shepherd named Winnie. She's my BFF and the best assistant a girl could ask for.
  • I didn't get my G1 license until 2021. (oops!)
  • I'm a big believer in the whole "everything happens for a reason" thing.
  • Cancer is my zodiac sign!
Sarah with her dog