About the Owner

Meet Sarah

Based in Ottawa, I am an experienced photographer with years of creative experience under my belt. I'm always trying to push my limits creatively, and to capture everything (especially candid, unposed moments) with vibrance and professionalism. Even above photography and working in social media, travelling is my favourite thing to do!


fun facts

  • I did competitive and recreational dance, as well as cheerleading and gymnastics!
  • I love dogs so much. You're always more than welcome to bring pets to my shoots!
  • I love travelling and my dream destination (at the moment) would have to be Greece or Hawaii.
  • I have 1 tattoo, but I want more.
  • My favourite restaurant in Ottawa is Joey Rideau, but you can find me at Tim Hortons every morning!



“What a skilled individual behind that camera, one full of passion and talent, my experience with Sarah was a beyond pleasant one! The photoshoot was a great time, Sarah made me feel extremely comfortable and even after we'd finished taking what felt like a billion pictures, it only took a day for her to send them to me edited and ready to go. I would 101% book with Illuma Creative again!”

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