Discounted Monthly Mini Sessions

Although it's been difficult to keep this one going with all of the Covid-19 precautions and numerous lockdowns, I typically try to plan 2 days of themed mini sessions every month. Mini sessions refer to sessions that are in between 20 and 30 minutes in length and result in (at absolute minimum) 35 fully edited images. When it comes to pricing, at least one of these monthly mini days will be discounted to $60-$70 depending on the length advertised. I usually try to make both mini days, held on different weekends, discounted - however the one exception is when they are held in a studio space that isn't my own.

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If you're seeing this blog post BECAUSE you're already on my email list, then you're all set! If you're reading this because of my post that you saw on Instagram, you should probably join if you want to save some extra $$ every once in a while. This is a new aspect of my business that I'm excited to get started, and part of it includes sending out discounts for holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and maybe some in between just for a little bit of customer appreciation. My email newsletters will be sent out on a weekly basis (no spam here!) and will also include links to blog posts, first dibs on mini session bookings, and more!

II. Purchase a content membership

If you're a creator or a blogger who struggles to take their own content consistently, monthly content membership packages are always available for booking. The perks of purchasing content memberships include never-ending content, 1-2 guaranteed sessions monthly, and of course discounted rates. The longer the contract you sign for, the more affordable the pricing gets.

Looking for a studio session? Wait for studio minis.

As much fun as studio photoshoots are, depending on the space they can end up being pretty costly. If you're set on getting some shots taken in a studio, there are a few ways you can still get the space you want while staying on budget!

  1. Wait for studio minis. Although I do have a basic studio setup of my own available for bookings (based in Kanata) I always love offering different space options to my clients. Places like Studio 2020 and MDRN Studio cost upwards of $100 for just one hour, and when booking a photographer that fee would be charged in addition to the photographer's regular rates. When studio mini sessions are planned, you're essentially splitting the studio space with 7-9 other clients. Just like regular outdoor minis, these entail each client booking a time slot through a link. Studio mini sessions can be in between 20-30 minutes in length and can range from $70-$80 depending on the rental cost of the space! You also get the opportunity to shoot in a space that isn't limited to a couple of backdrop options.
  2. Book my studio! As mentioned above, I do also have a basic studio space available for bookings. The perks of booking here are a set $10 studio fee in addition to my rate, and a session between 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of images you're looking for and your budget. This option is perfect for simple concepts such as professional headshots, photos for makeup portfolios, model digitals... Pretty much any ideas that you may have that don't require anything other than professional lighting and a backdrop! Bookings for this will be available on a date to be determined in March.

That's all, folks!

One of my goals with Illuma is to keep my photoshoots and services as accessible as possible to people of all age groups and financial situations. I'm always open to creative collaborations as well as discussing different financial payment plans in order for you to achieve the content that you've been dreaming of! I hope this post was able to provide more insight on my pricing as well as the ways you still get incredible images on a bit more of a budget.

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