Weather? No problem.

Have you ever tried to book a session but had bad luck with weather - which resulted in you having to go through the stress of rescheduling? When you book an indoor studio session, that risk is completely eliminated.

Ideal for Creatives OR Business Professionals

Although some might argue that studio sessions are "boring" because of the plain coloured backgrounds, I would argue differently. Because each background is so simple, the creative possibilities are endless. Whether you're a business professional looking to update your headshots or an aspiring model hoping to organize a creative editorial session, shooting in studio means that the focus of each image is pulled even more towards you, your outfit/makeup, and any props that may be used. When you book for studio, you're essentially booking a blank canvas that can be painted on in a way that's 100% unique to you and your content goals.

Go Back to Basics

Although studio shoots are amazing for creativity and fun concepts, it's also always nice to go back to the basics. A simple white backdrop paired with a simple, neutral-coloured outfit is sometimes all you need! Simplicity will never go out of style.

Break Up your IG Feed

One of the most common tips I give out to social media clients is to alternate between two types of photos in order to create a flawlessly cohesive Instagram feed. This could mean alternating between black and white photos and coloured photos, or of course between simpler photos and busier photos. When you have access to a folder of studio content, whether it be of your product or of you, that alternating becomes easier than ever, and along with that your feed cohesion becomes better than ever. The studio sessions I offer will soon be available as add-ons for the Illuma Content Memberships, so your folder of studio images is never-ending.